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Who should have this examination?  It is our position that every woman should include breast thermography as part of her regular breast health care. We must do everything we can to provide better clinical procedures in an effort to prevent women from having to deal with this terrible disease.

Breast cancers are particularly agressive in younger women. Statistics indicate that approximately 15% of all breast cancers occur in women under the age of 45 (1). However, there are no clear guidelines for the use of imaging procedures during these years. With the addition of Digital Infrared Imaging (breast thermography), women in this age group have a tool that they can add to their regular breast health check ups.

Breast Thermography Guidelines

Initial infrared scan by age 20
20-30 years of age – every 3 years
30 years of age and over – every year

1.) American Cancer Society – Breast Cancer Guidelines and Statistics, 2009-2010


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