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Heat Cameras Help Tourist Detect Cancer

Heat Cameras Help Tourist Detect Cancer A trip to a tourist attraction in Scotland turned out to be a life-changing moment for one woman after a thermal camera detected she had breast cancer. Bal Gill, 41, was looking back over images from her trip to Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, in Edinburgh, when she noticed a heat patch over her breast. After making an appointment with her doctor, Gill was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer — but experts have warned that Gill was lucky and thermal imaging cameras are not...

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Breast Cancers Without Lumps

Breast Cancers Without Lumps Introduction There are several types of Breast Cancer that don’t normally present as a palpable lump or as a tumor detected on a mammogram. These are the types of cancers that are usually detected in advanced stages and may have already become metastatic. The signs and symptoms are not definitive. Because of this, they are not always obvious or are mistaken for something other than what they are. Two such cancers are Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and Paget’s disease of the Breast. Signs...

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Vitamin D and Imagery

Vitamin D and Imagery It’s cold outside but have you had your “SUNSHINE” vitamin levels checked? It has been reported that 75 percent of American teens and adults are Vitamin D deficient. The “sunshine” vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin which means it is stored in fatty tissue. It affects your brain, body, and overall health. Besides being essential in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous for healthy bone formation, Vitamin D is also crucial in regulating the immune and neuromuscular systems. It also...

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Breast Cancer Detection Tool

Breast Cancer Detection Tool Breast Cancer While mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, and other imaging tools are tests of anatomy and rely on finding a physical structure. Thermography is a test of the heat produced by increased blood vessel circulation and metabolic changes associated with a structures genesis and growth. This allows thermography to see subtle changes outside of other testing. With thermography screenings not requiring contact with the body we are also able to image areas of the breast such as the axillary...

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Who Should Have this Examination?

Who Should Have this Examination? Who should have this examination?  It is our position that every woman should include breast thermography as part of her regular breast health care. We must do everything we can to provide better clinical procedures in an effort to prevent women from having to deal with this terrible disease. Breast cancers are particularly agressive in younger women. Statistics indicate that approximately 15% of all breast cancers occur in women under the age of 45 (1). However, there are no clear...

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Thermography Session Overview

Thermography Session Overview WIN Health Institute, LLC The Breast Thermographic Examination The examination is conducted with rigid scientific standards ensuring accuracy and repeatability.  Our equipment is the state-of-the-art Thermarray/FLIR System.  This system provides high resolution digital radiometric infrared imaging.  The information is processed on a computer to provide color and/or black & white imaging for quantification and qualification. What follows is an outline of the steps to be taken to have an...

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Thermography, Mammography, Ultrasound – What’s The Difference?

Thermography, Mammography, Ultrasound – What’s The Difference? The following graph outlines the differences between mammography, medical infrared imaging (thermography), and ultrasound. Medical infrared imaging detects surface heat as a byproduct of biochemical reactions. As such, the test adds valuable physiologic information that cannot be obtained from any other imaging procedure. Thermography is designed to be used as an adjunct (an additional test) to a woman’s regular breast health care. Mammography Uses X-rays to produce an image that is a...

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Thermography – Is It A Hot New Idea?

Thermography – Is It A Hot New Idea? When it comes to cancer, early detection saves lives. Digital infrared thermal imaging or thermography is a safe and painless 15-minute test that could save your life.

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