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I recently had an opportunity to be a test subject for Dr. Dave’s thermography scanning system.  This was a complete test, where all of the recommended scanning protocol was followed, and the results were sent to a Thermoscan expert for review.

To my amazement and dismay, the resulting report described a possible tumor. I immediately scheduled a mammogram, which indicated a healthy breast.  I decided to have another followup scan six months later, and the resulting report indicated additional heat in the same area.  This time, I had a mammogram (again negative), and I INSISTED on an MRI, which identified a stage 1 tumor.

A lumpectomy was immediately scheduled, and I can say that I am on my way to a full recovery.  I can’t say enough about the advantages to be gained by having a Thermography Scan.  It can help save lives with early detection.

Thanks to Dr. Dave and his staff for this gift!

C – Roaring Fork Resident

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